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Butler Amusements Midway

Thanks for the Ride!

We’d love to thank Butler Amusements for another great ride. Stay tuned for information on next year’s Cloverdale Citrus Fair, FEBRUARY 17 – 20, 2023.

Butler Amusements Midway

Butler Amusements is a family-owned and operated company, building its carnival over many years into one of the largest in the United States was accomplished through the hard, dedicated work of the family and its employees. The fourth generation of Butlers is now actively involved in the operation of the company.

The company is committed to its original company motto “The Cleanest Show in the West.” Customer safety and satisfaction have always been the primary factors considered when acquiring new rides and attractions.

2022 Ride Descriptions

5 Coupons – 54″ alone or 54″ with an adult
The Himalaya is a ride reminiscent of riding through the Alps: at a faster pace with more excitement and music! The fabulous Himalaya puts riders on a fast, up-down-around trip faster and faster, then backward too. Like a toboggan trip through the Swiss mountains, accelerated!Shake Up
5 Coupons – 52″ alone or 52″ with an adult
The Shake Up is a new attraction to our midway. Made in England it stands 45 feet high and has 4 to 6 passenger seats. There are only 8 Shake-Ups on traveling carnivals in the United States: this ride gives a unique spinning motion to secured riders, while the main arm also raises and turns about, truly shaking up our carnival ride assortment!Rock Star Carnival RideRock Star
5 Coupons – 48″ alone or with an adult
Size restrictions may apply
Our Rockin’ themed ride will light up the midway with brilliant high efficiency LED lights. The Rock Star is a platform ride with two-tiered stadium-style seating that moves up and over in a circular fashion.

Freak Out Carnival RideFreak Out
5 Coupons – 47″ alone or with an adult
The Freak Out, manufactured by KMG –Netherlands boasts an energy-efficient light package utilizing LED’s which produce clear bright color while using 90% less power to operate.

The Freak Out Towers at 70 feet, and seats 16 persons taking them on a thrilling journey into the sky! Passengers are secured by over the shoulder harnesses as they dangle in expectation. Once the ride begins the seats slowly rotate as the entire boom begins to swing horizontally. Passengers swing over the midway directly overhead of those watching from the front of the ride. The ride climax is reached as the boom reaches a height of over 40 feet in the air while the passenger seats rotate.

Zipper Carnival RideZipper
5 Coupons – 54″ alone or with an adult
No Single Riders
The Zipper has been one of the Midway’s most recognizable attractions for years, providing thrills to riders from teens to adults. There’s more spinning going on with the Zipper than an out of control top. While the ‘cages’ holding two passengers each rise and descend on a tower boom, each spins independently and the entire boom turns, too.

Century Wheel
5 Coupons – 42″ alone or 42″ with an adult
No Single Riders
Towering nearly 70 feet, the Century Wheel offers passengers a view of the entire fairgrounds. This ride was recently equipped with a new LED light technology: Not only does the giant wheel light up the sky but it also uses less power to do so. The new LED light package includes over 25 minutes of unique, spectacular lighting programs! This ride can hold a maximum of 90 passengers at one time.

Area 51 Carnival RideArea 51
4 Coupons – 48″ alone or 48″ with an adult
No Wall Climbing
The lights and excitement of the midway literally become a blur as Area 51 sweeps you off of your feet. Spinning at 24 RPM, Area 51 uses centrifugal force to float the passengers off the floor, giving them the feeling of weightlessness. All aboard this 45-person capacity Area 51 for one wild ride.

Wacky Worm CoasterWacky Worm
4 Coupons – 42″ alone or 36″ with an adult
The Wacky Worm coaster is designed for the whole family. This two-level family roller coaster is a great way for the entire family to enjoy the carnival. This brightly painted worm, surrounded by flower cup lights, is a charming addition to the Midway.Jungle Carnival RideJungle
4 Coupons – 42″ alone or 36″ with an adult
Jungle features walk through punching bags, a cargo net climb, covered super slide and many more features will keep the littlest of visitors wanting to come back for more.

Lolli Swing Carnival RideLolli Swing
4 Coupons – 42″ alone or 36″ with an adult
Enjoy all of the fun of the sweet colors and savory sensation of a lollipop without the calories and sugar! This brightly colored ride has 16 swings decorated with large swirl lollipops and lights. The centerpiece is a large clown complete with a red nose and floppy shoes.Monkey Maze
4 Coupons – 42″ alone or 36″ with an adult
This two-story jungle funhouse takes families to the wild side! Move through safari obstacles and end with a ride on the slide.

CarouselCrown Merry Go Round
3 Coupons – 42″ alone or 32″ with an adult
All riders must have tickets
For decades, audiences have been awed by the beautifully handcrafted majesty of the carousel. To witness The Crown Merry Go Round is to see this piece of Americana in all its glory. This 30 foot Americana Themed Carousel features jumping horses, and 2 chariots. Parents and children create memories while they enjoy the sights and sounds of this beautiful ride together!

Tilt-a-Whirl Carnival RideTilt-A-Whirl
3 Coupons – 46″ alone or 36″ with an adult
Round and round they go and where they stop, nobody knows! An old favorite that has thrilled and excited patrons for generations, the Tilt-A-Whirl is a swirling experience for teens and adults. Separate cars rotate individually as the entire ride revolves up, down and around!

Slide Carnival RideSlide
3 Coupons – 42″ alone or 42″ with an adult
No lap riding, No hand holding.
No playground would ever be complete without a slide! Kids of any age enjoy the thrill of this giant slide as they sail down the undulating path. Passengers climb a stairway, higher and higher to the top of the slide and then laugh and squeal with delight as they sail to the bottom.

Bear Affair Carnival RideBear Affair
3 Coupons – 42″ alone or 36″ with an adult
On the Bear Affair, four jolly bears welcome children and parents aboard for a smooth ride. Passengers can move the ride at their own pace by turning a giant steering wheel inside the bear’s belly spinning themselves round and round while the entire ride revolves as well.


4 Coupons – 48″ alone or 42″ with an adult

3 Coupons – 36″ – 52″ alone

2022 General Rules

  • Additional rules for COVID precautions may be put into place without notice.
  • No casts, pregnant persons, nor intoxicated individuals are allowed on rides.
  • Children who measure under 36″ in height cannot ride any carnival rides and children who measure 36-48 inches tall can only ride a few select rides.
  • All riders must have either a ride wristband or carnival coupons.
  • Rides require 3-5 coupons each.
  • Infants are not allowed on carnival rides.