Junior Poultry Show

ENTRY DEADLINE Friday, February 3, 2023 by 5:00 pm

ENTRY FEE – $3 per Bird per class, $3 for Showmanship

SHOW DATE & JUDGING TIME – Saturday, February 18 – 9:00 am

INSPECTION AND CHECK IN TIME – Saturday, Feb 18 – 7:30 am to 8:30 am

Citrus Fair North Gate, located off Commercial Street/West 1st Steet in the Vets Parking Lot

                         RELEASE OF POULTRY – Show End





Mandatory Quality Assurance and Ethics Training. All livestock (large and small animal) exhibitors will be required to participate in a Quality Assurance and Ethics Training. Currently, the Youth for the Quality Care of Animals (YQCA) online program has been approved by F&E to fulfill this requirement. Visit www.yqca.org and click Sign In/Register at the top of the page. Training must be complete prior to exhibitor arriving at the Fair. Exhibitor will NOT be allowed to show if training is not complete.


NOTE: This is a Citrus Fair show.  Entry to the fair is included in exhibitors’ entry fee.  All others must pay: General Admission (ages 13 & up) $11.00; Seniors (62+) $6.00; Juniors (6-12yrs) $5.00; 5 & under-Free



  1. Eligibility: Open to all exhibitors from age 5 as of December 31, 2022 until the end of the calendar year in which they reach age 19. Those exhibitors age 5 to age 8 are not eligible for Round Robin competition.
  2. Rules, definitions and judging procedures as prescribed in the latest edition to the Official Show Rules and the Standard Perfection to the American Poultry Association, Inc., shall apply to all District and County fair poultry shows except in such instances where they are in conflict with their rules and regulations prescribed by the Division of Fairs and Expositions of the Department of Food and Agriculture.
  3. Entries can be made online at www.cloverdalecitrusfair.org, emailed to entries@cloverdalecitrusfair.org or mailed with entry fees to: Cloverdale Citrus Fair

                                                                 Attention – Stefani Wright

                                                                  1 Citrus Fair Drive, Cloverdale, CA 95425

  1. Each exhibitor showing must coop in his/her own birds. Grooming and handling of birds is to be done by the youth exhibitors.
  2. The exhibitor must own birds at least 30 days prior to opening day of the fair.
  3. A numbered leg band conforming to the entry form must identify each bird. Leg bands must be listed on entry forms.
  4. All entries must include complete information for the bird: Division, Breed, Variety, Class and Leg Band. The Fair is not responsible for birds entered into wrong classes due to exhibitor errors in entries, incomplete information or illegible entries.  Please complete entries carefully and completely.
  1. If a variety has more than 10 birds entered in the class, then they will be judged as their own subgroup within the Breed/Division.
  2. Per State Rules: Substitutions can only be made within a division. Substitutions must be made when the exhibit arrives at the fairgrounds.  A $5 penalty must be paid prior to judging for each substitution made by the exhibitor in excess of two in the division.
  3. Birds will be health checked before entering the fairgrounds. Any bird found with parasites, bugs, signs of stress, disease, or other health issues will not be allowed in the show.
  4. A bird may be excused from competition if it appears fatigued or out of condition.
  5. The Cloverdale Citrus Fair, Fair Management or Show Superintendent is not to be held responsible for birds, if illness or death occur.
  6. Exhibitors must provide their own feed, feeders & waters. Turkey and Geese exhibitors must supply their own coop, feed, feeders and waterers.
  7. Eggs may be entered for judging. Each exhibitor is limited to two entries per class.  Egg entered must be produced by his/her own flock.  All entries must be properly cleaned, dried and cartooned.  Any entry that is dirty or has an odor will be disqualified. Entries not picked up by end of show day will be disposed of.
  8. All birds must remain cooped until the conclusion of the show, showmanship, and all awards. Birds are released upon notification of the Show Superintendent.

SHOWMANSHIP – Begins at 10:00am

  1. NEW: Pre-entry for showmanship required.  Showmanship fee is $3.00.  Age on showmanship classes based on age as of December 31, 2022.
  2. Any contestant winning 1st or 2nd in their showmanship class may be eligible for Round Robin. The 1st and 2nd place winners of the Junior and Intermediate classes will compete in a run-off to determine the representative for Junior Round Robin. Senior 4-H and FFA 1st and 2nd place winners will be eligible for those Round Robin classed.  Please notify the Livestock Superintendent if he/she is unable to compete. Exhibitor is required to provide the bird they qualified with for the class. Round Robin to take place Monday, February 20, 1pm.
  3. Pee Wee Showmanship is a learning experience for youth 5 to 8 years of age. Participants will not be placed.
  4. Awards through 8th
  5. Exhibitor must show his/her own bird that was entered in the show.
  6. All exhibitors are required to wear the official show uniform of the organization they represent or white shirt and white long pants.



420                                 Large Fowl, American

  • Large Fowl, Asiatic
  • Large Fowl, English

423                                 Large Fowl, Mediterranean

424                                 Large Fowl, Continental

425                                 Large Fowl, All Other Standard Breeds

426                                 Bantams, Modern Game Birds

427                                 Bantams, Old English Game Birds

428                                 Bantams, Single Comb Clean Legged

429                                 Bantams, Rose Comb Clean Legged

430                                 Bantams, All Other Comb Clean Legged

431                                 Bantams, Feather Legged



1.    Cock, over one year

2.    Cockeral, under one year

3.    Hen, over one year

4.    Pullet, under one year



1.                 Cock, over one year

2.                 Cockeral, under one year

3.                 Hen, over one year

4.                 Pullet, under one year

DIVISION                     DUCKS – BREED VARIETY

433                                           Ducks, Heavy, Medium & Light

434                                           Ducks, Bantam

435                                           Exotic or Non-Standard


  1. Old Drake, over one year 3.  Old Duck, over one year
  2. Young Drake, under one year 4.  Young Duck, under one year


DIVISION 436 – GEESE, all standard breeds


  1. Old Gander, over one year 3.      Old Goose, over one year
  2. Young Gander, under one year 4.      Young Goose, under one year




  1. Old Tom, over one year 3.      Old Hen, over one year
  2. Young Tom, under one year 4.      Young Hen, under one year




  1. Old Male, over one year 3.      Old Female, over one year
  2. Young Male, under one year 4.      Young Female, under one year



  1. One Dozen White
  2. One Dozen Brown or Tint




  1. Pee Wee (8yrs of age & younger)
  2. Novice (never competed, ages 9 & up)
  3. Junior (9 thru 11 yrs)
  4. Intermediate (12 thru 13 yrs)
  5. Senior (14 yrs & over)
  6. FFA
  7. FFA Novice


Best of Show                                                     50 pounds of feed

Reserve of Show                                             50 pounds of feed

Best Large and Reserve Large                   

Best Bantam and Reserve Bantam         

Best Quail and Best Reserve Quail

Best Turkey and Reserve Turkey             

Best Waterfowl and Reserve Waterfowl                                                             

Best Pigeon and Reserve Pigeon

Division Champions                                       Rosettes

Reserve Division Champions                      Rosettes

Best of Breed**                                              Medals

Reserve of Breeds**                                     Medals

**6 or more entered or sponsored

Award Sponsorships may be included on your entry forms

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