Poultry Show

Cloverdale Citrus Fair 2021 Virtual Poultry Show Guidelines & Rules

Entry fee – $2 per bird per class, $2 Showmanship

Entry & Submission Deadline: Friday, February 5, 2021

Mandatory Quality Assurance and Ethics Training – All Jr livestock exhibitors will be required to participate in a Quality Assurance and Ethics Training. Currently, the Youth for the Quality Care of Animals (YQCA) online program has been approved by F & E to fulfill this requirement. Visit www.yqca.org and click Sign In/Register at the top of the page. Training must be complete prior to entry and posting of your entries.

  1. You must own the animal and the pictures /videos of the animal(s) you are entering. Please list the exhibitor’s name, organization or group, age, division and class on the entry at www.cloverdalecitrusfair.org.
  2. Your animal must currently be alive and be the age class and sex you are entering it as.
  3. The pictures/videos of your animal may not be photo shopped or excessively edited (cropping your pictures is acceptable). Judges may disqualify for this. 
  4. You must include 4 – 6 pictures of your animal. For the most accurate evaluation include properly posed pictures of: 
  • Both sides (2 pictures)
  • Rear (1 picture)
  • Wings Extended (1or 2 picture, if having 1 picture both wings must show completely)
  • Head On/Front  (1 picture)
  • Legs with leg band (1 or 2 pictures)

 ***Pic Collage (or similar) is acceptable and preferred, but not mandatory, for your entries. (1 per animal)

Helpful Hints:   

  1. Work with someone else when taking your pictures.
  2. Be aware of your background and lighting. A black bird with a black background doesn’t  work.
  3. Your bird should be the main focus of the picture and cover as much of the frame as possible.
  4. Make sure your picture is in focus.
  1. Judges opinions are not up for debate. Civil comments and concerns are allowed but places will not be changed and harassment will not be tolerated.
  2. While this is not an American Poultry Association or American Bantam Association sanctioned show, the official breed standards are followed for each section.
  3. All entries MUST include required information – breed, variety, class (Cock, Cockeral, Hen or Pullet) and leg band number on the entry form on www.cloverdalecitrusfair.org
  4. If you are having issues with your upload of entry pictures please reach out to the Citrus Fair email exhibits@cloverdalecitrusfair.org

Poultry Classes

Division – Breed/Variety

5000 –     Large Fowl, American

5001 –      Large Fowl Asiatic

5002 –      Large Fowl, English

5003 –      Large Fowl, Mediterranean

5004 –      Large Fowl, Continental

5005 –      Large Fowl, All Other Standard Breeds

5006 –      Bantams, Modern Game Birds

5007 –      Bantams, Old English Game Birds

5008 –      Bantams, Single Comb Clean Legged

5009 –      Bantams, Rose Comb Clean Legged

5010 –      Bantams, All Other Comb Clean Legged

5011 –      Bantams – Feather Legged


  1. Cock, over one year
  2. Cockeral, under one year
  3. Hen, over one year
  4. Pullet, under one year


Showmanship will be conducted via video submission. On your entry form will be an area that you may list the link for your video. You may post via a personal upload on sites such as, but not limited to, You Tube, Dailymotion, Flickr. Vimeo, Veoh and Viddler to name a few.

  1. Videos may be 3 -5 minutes in length.
  2. At the beginning of your video please state your name, age group (and organization. You may then proceed with your showmanship presentation.
  3. There should not be any editing of your video submission.
  4. Exhibitors are required to wear the official show uniform of the organization they are representing (long or short sleeved collared shirt). Independent Junior must wear ankle length pants and white long or short sleeved collared shirt. 
  5. Classes are determined by age as of December 31, 2020, including Novice (all first year cavy project members over 9 years of age). Specify age on entry.
  6. All showmanship links will need to be provided to the fair prior to entry closing date of February 5, 2021.


Division 5500 –  Poultry Showmanship

Please indicate on your entry submission your age group and organization (Independent, 4-H, Grange or FFA Exhibitor!

  • Novice (1st year in project, 9 years and older)
  • *Pee Wee (8 years of age and younger)*
  • Junior (9 thru 11 years of age)
  • Intermediate (12 thru 13 years of age)
  • Senior (14 years of age and older)
  • FFA
  • FFA Novice

*Pee Wee is a learning experience for youth 5 to 8 years of age; Participants will not be placed*

Entry submission is closed at this time. Thank you to everyone who participated!