Dog Care and Training Show


Entry fee – $2 per Dog per class, $2 Showmanship 

Entry & Submission Deadline: Friday, February 5, 2021

  1. You must own the animal and the pictures /videos of the animal(s) you are entering. Please list the exhibitor’s name, organization or group, age, division and class on the entry at
  2. Open to all Juniors who are regularly enrolled in a structured dog care and training project exhibiting a dog (mixed or purebred) that is owned by the exhibitor or immediate family.
  3. Dog must be 6 months or older.
  4. Exhibitor/dog are allowed to enter only one Obedience class and one Showmanship class.
  5. Animals must be owned by exhibitor for at least 90 days prior to the final day of video submissions.
  6. The videos of your animal may not be edited. Judges may disqualify for this. 

Helpful Hints:   

  • Work with someone else when taking your pictures.
  • Be aware of your background and lighting. 
  • You and your dog should be the main focus of the picture and cover as much of the frame as possible.
  • Make sure your video is in focus.


  1. There is a video posted on the Citrus Fair main page for an example of how the judge would like the exercises performed. 


8.When doing your video use a space the size you would normally have at fairs for a ring you don’t have space at home find a safe playground or parking lot you can use to do your video. 

  1. Judges opinions are not up for debate. Civil comments and concerns are allowed but places will not be changed and harassment will not be tolerated.


  1. See below the available classes for the sequence the judge would like to see.


  1. While this is not a sanctioned show, all standards will be observed are followed for each section.
  2. All entries MUST include required information – class and breed on the entry form at
  3. If you are having issues with your upload of entry pictures please reach out to the Citrus Fair email

Division – 6000 Obedience 

Obedience Classes patterns will be the same for all of the classes. 

Sub Novice A -for first year dog and first year handler 

Sub Novice B- for first year dog with a handler that has done this before or 

    First year handler where dog has done this before.

Sub Novice C- both dog and handler have participated in obedience for more than one year.

NO BAIT while doing obedience.  Use your 6 Foot leash.


Pattern for All Sub Novice Obedience Classes –dog should sit every time you stop.

Start-with dog at a sit -when ready go forward 

Stop at a Halt about ½ way (dog should sit)

Forward go to the end of your ring and 

Left Turn -go a little ways and Left Turn again



About Turn



Right turn

Right turn




Exercise Finish

Next Figure 8 on leash (if you don’t have 2 family members to stand as posts use chairs or something.

Start in the middle of the posts.

Forward (go around both) 

Halt in the center

Forward (go around both) 


Exercise Finish

Stand for Exam On leash

Stand your dog and leave when ready (go to the end of your 6 foot leash)

If you have someone that can pat head back and butt and walk away do it 

Return to your dog.

Exercise Finish

Recall on leash.

Sit your dog and leave when ready (go the end of your leash)

Call your dog.

Call your dog into Finish position.

Exercise Finish.

On Minute down– Make sure your video shows you and your dog so we can see you are not giving extra commands

Sit your dog and leave when. 

Stand at the end of our leash and start time for one minute.

Return to your dog.

Exercise Finish.

Three Minute Down– Make sure your video shows you and your dog so we can see you are not giving extra commands.

Down your dog and leave when ready.

Time for 3 Minutes.

Return to your dog.

Exercise Finish.


Click here for an Example Video!

Showmanship will be conducted via video submission. See below for all exercises the judge wishes to see.  On your entry form will be an area that you may list the link for your video. You may post via a personal upload on sites such as, but not limited to, You Tube, Dailymotion, Flickr. Vimeo, Veoh and Viddler to name a few.

    1. Videos may be a reasonable length to complete the required exercises.
    2. There is a video posted on the Citrus Fair web page that you may view to see how the judge would like your exercises completed.
    3. At the beginning of your video please state your name, age, group (Pee Wee, Junior, etc) and organization (4-H, FFA, Ind or Grange). You may then proceed with your showmanship presentation.
    4. You must also have shown in Obedience.
  • There should not be any editing of your video submission.
  1. Exhibitors are required to wear the official show uniform of the organization they are representing . Independent Junior must wear ankle length pants and white sleeved collared shirt. 
  2. Classes are determined by age as of December 31, 2020.
  3. All showmanship video links will need to be given to the fair prior to entry closing date of February 5, 2021.

All Showmanship classes make a video that contains the following.

  1. Start by taking your dog around the ring in a circle.
  2. Stop and stack your dog.
  3. Show the bit to the camera.
  4. Do a triangle pattern with a free stack when you return the camera.
  5. One last big circle around the ring.

Using Bait in Showmanship is OK

Division 6001 – Showmanship

Please indicate on your entry submission your age group and organization (Independent, 4-H, Grange or FFA Exhibitor!

  • *Pee Wee (8 years of age and younger)*
  • Junior (9 thru 11 years of age)
  • Intermediate (12 thru 13 years of age)
  • Senior (14 years of age and older)
  • FFA
  • FFA Novice

*Pee Wee is a learning experience for youth 5 to 8 years of age; Participants will not be placed*

Entry submission is closed at this time. Thank you to everyone who participated!