Baby Derby

2021 Baby Derby Results

  • Shirley – FIRST PLACE – 22 seconds!
  • Autumn – 26 seconds
  • Madden – 27 seconds
  • Phoebe – 27 seconds
  • Baylor – 28 seconds
  • Declan – 48 seconds
  • Ava – 50 seconds
  • Zoe – 50 seconds
  • Sebastian – 57 seconds
  • Natalia – > 60 seconds
  • Jorge – > 60 seconds

Meet the Babies!



Declan loves to chase his sisters.
His favorite song is Baby Shark.
Hidden Talent: He growls really loud.






Shirley loves to dance.
Her favorite food is steak.
Hidden Talent: Can scream really loud.






Silly cousins make him laugh.
He loves to eat and play with anything but his own toys.
His favorite food is raspberries.






Phoebe’s favorite foods are olives, bacon, pirate booty.
She was born at 27 weeks (6 months) but is healthy as can be!
She loves to explore and be outside.






Peek-a-boo makes her laugh.
Natalia loves to pull mommy’s hair.
She hopes to take on the championship.






Baylor laughs at his sister’s silly games.
Favorite Toy: Ball
Hidden Talent: Baby sign language.






Sebastian loves to eat.
He loves to go on rides with Dad.
Hidden Talent: He only crawls with 1 leg.






Autumn laughs at her sisters jumping on the trampoline.
She loves to follow them everywhere and dance.






Dogs make Zoe laugh and she loves to chase the dog.
Her mom went into labor during the 2020 Citrus Fair.






Peek-a-boo makes him laugh.
He loves it when his Aunt picks him up.
He likes to crawl fast when he has something he knows will be taken away.






Ava’s favorite food is veggies!
She started crawling at 6 months.
She’s tired but ready to race. She was so excited to race, she skipped her nap.